Don't miss my upcoming Exposition in Casa Milan on August 5th starting from 6 to 10 pm!

Come and enjoy a unique body of art straight from my heart.

Location: Casa Milan. Milan 41, Col. Juárez, CDMX

An Immersive Art Experience
that Sparks Awakening

I started creating Metamorphosis since the beginning of 2020, the first painting in the series is called “Spiritual Warfare” the second “Healing Begins” and the last “The Divide”. My paintings teach me about my personal awakening and ascension path. I did not plan to call the exposition Metamorphosis until recently when I realized exactly where I am in my journey which is shown to me in my paintings. I am precisely at the peak of a transitional time. I can feel myself shifting, I am shedding past lessons, letting go of the old which no longer serves me and most importantly I am ready to express myself fully in performance which is the art form that sparks me the most.

Metamorphosis is a very unique immersive exposition that includes paintings, installations, art film, sound and performance. My ideas are very unique not like anything anyone has seen before. I brought all of the art forms I had intended to life and stepped out for the first time as a performer. I have been experimenting with art videos and dance for a long time which has led me to this point and I am ready to explore fully this side of myself. It takes A LOT to walk out and perform the way that I did never having done it before. This type of creativity is not something that one can learn from others; it is an art form that comes uniquely from the artist. My idea of performance art is unique to me and I am still discovering how I want it to look. I feel proud of myself for having the confidence to put myself out there and go for it. I am not just a dreamer; I bring my inspirations and dreams to life. 

Metamorphosis is just the beginning for me in performance.
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