Spiritual Warfare (2020)

55.1x63 in ~ Painting, Oil

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It’s been long known now that there exists upper powers who control and manipulate the rest of the masses drawing the strings up and down like puppets in a play.

This painting reveals many powerful revelations. It’s about a fight.
A fight between Good and Evil forces.
We are currently experiencing a Spiritual Warfare.

Evil being the control from the dark suites and is also our battle with our own ego. This struggle is to try and keep us all in the 3rd Dimension (3D).

Like the famous 60s song: “This is the dawning of Aquarius”. This is the year of Aquarius, many will awaken (the Good forces).

I feel, it is time for all of us to raise our frequency and open our third eye to the truth.

The truth about how we are all being manipulated and lied to. The media is hugely involved in this lie. Over exaggerating information to create panic and fear.

To me, this painting reveals it all, which makes this the most amazing truth ever for humanity.

This revelation once we are aware and awakened to it, is that we are moving into the 5th Dimension.

What makes this soo incredible is the following...

If you recall the popular 60s “Let the Sunshine In” who is by no other than....

The Fifth Dimension!!!

Coincidence??? I think not!

Welcome to the year of Aquarius!
Peace & Love.

(“Astrologers believe that an astrological age affects humanity, possibly by influencing the rise and fall of civilizations or cultural tendencies.”
According to Wikipedia.)

Content writing by: Denise Cresmen


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