Ixchel, La Diosa Luna. (2021)

393.7x315 in ~ Painting, Acrylic


The work entitled Ixchel, la Diosa Luna (The Moon Goddess IxChel), created by artist Jessica Shilling, under commission from the construction company NEXTTRADE, for the company AMAZON, is shown In a colorful, dreamy, unique style and with a strong influence of Mayan Mexican culture focused mainly on traditions from the Merida.

The main inspiration for this artwork is the Moon Goddess IxChel, healer of love, of gestation, of medicine, and of the textile arts. She is seen in the painting pouring her healing powers into the awakening water which flows throughout a large portion of the painting. The Pyramid Chichen Itza; an Ancient Mayan City full of Mystery is a very important element in this painting. It was declared one of The New Seven Wonders Of The World for its phenomenal accuracy in depicting the advanced astrological system and calendar of this fascinating people (among many impressive reasons). This Temple is an amazing part of the Mayan history.

The Mayan calendar and rainforest plants bring the mural together to form a beautiful, colorful representation of the Mayan culture.


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