Goddess Saraswati Swan Dream (2020) Sold

39.4x47.2 in ~ Painting, Oil


What a fun commission painting! I very much enjoyed learning about the Goddess Saraswati and making her come to life with my style.

Poem by: Norma Singh 🦋🦋

Maa, Mataji, Divine Mother, Maha Saraswati. I thank you for the gift of life that flows from you through me. Like the river that bears your name, my veins are filled with the sacred flow of your radiant, nourishing energy. Eternal mother, giver of life. Bring forth my purest self that I may give birth to my innermost creative expression, for your wisdom holds no bounds and your inspiration knows no measure. Sa Mam Pattu Saravatee Bhagavatee Nihshesha Jadyapaha. Om Aim Saraswatyai Namaha!


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